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How to use Google MAPS API with Caching


This day’s I started with a new side-project named ProdutoMania This project’s main feature is to find products from my home country at the place I’m currently staying.So I need a selector of location and to use Google Place/Maps API is on the hand. Now, this API is paid as soon usage is getting above a certain amount. This can be risky if you do put the queries as...

new Side Project Stack


For about 2 months I’m working on my new side project, named Kunven, which is in Esperanto “Come together”.Kunvenu is a simplified Social Media Marketing Publisher Tool, optimized for working in Teams. It allows sharing accounts between team members. I use more or less same Stack like with boardengine projects: Go for backend services and enginesArangoDB for the document...

Kunvenu open beta


This weekend I decided to open Kunvenu, my newest Side Project, to the public as an open beta. Reasons are mainly:– getting early feedback from real users– beeing in beta mode during mid-dec-mid jan over my vacations will allow me the needed off time, after 2 years without real vacations. For the new landing page I use the brand-new version 2 of which has many more...