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Will RCS now (ever) succeed?


I am contracted by a Swiss Company, as Head of Software Production, which doe Software for SMS and related services for the Telecommunication Industry. For a long time, we follow the RCS (Rich Communication Service) Solution, which is originally a Carrier initiative (ancient one..) with the goal in mind, to be the successor for SMS. Since some years Google jumped into this, buying the main...

Merging my #golang with my personal Blog


After about 3 years posting #golang articles, mainly about interesting Go-based libraries and applications I decided to merge my Golang Blog into my new personal blog (where you are now 👍 ) The reasons are, that I want to focus my non-day-job time on my side projects: Kunvenu – The Social Marketing Team CenterBoardengine – Run your own Job Board and Resume Builderhttps://fullstackjob...

Confession: How I got (my piece of SaaS) Multi-Tenant


Original Post from 19.7.2019 As some of my followers may know, I am writing and providing a Job Board Software, on which I run since last weekend, 4 different Job Boards. and… Today, I confess that I did not implement all details from the beginning One of these boards, the Full Stack Developer Job Board I run since the end of February of this year, with the same piece of software. However...