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For about 2 months I’m working on my new side project, named Kunven, which is in Esperanto “Come together”.
Kunvenu is a simplified Social Media Marketing Publisher Tool, optimized for working in Teams.

It allows sharing accounts between team members.

I use more or less same Stack like with boardengine projects:

  • Go for backend services and engines
  • ArangoDB for the document store
  • Redis for authentication and authorization rules
  • Nsq as Message Queue
  • Rancher 1.x as Docker Management (have plan to move to k8s after vacations)
  • Vue / JavaScript for Frontend
  • Different to boardengine I use now Bulma, not more Bootstrap, and I like it
  • Dedicated Server & Cloudflare

Looking for Beta Users:

As I do this as a Side Project I need some interested Beta Users.
The deal is easy, please have a look Kunvenu
You get a Free Life for Life Time Account or 50% discount on Pro/Enterprise Plan. During Beta as long you give me valuable input all for free: Offer


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