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After about 3 years posting #golang articles, mainly about interesting Go-based libraries and applications I decided to merge my Golang Blog into my new personal blog (where you are now 👍 )

The reasons are, that I want to focus my non-day-job time on my side projects:

Meantime I tweet daily ~5 times strictly Golang specific content, where I put some light on interesting Go-based libraries and applications and Golang Articles. Please be one of over 2300 followers:

On my new Blog ( ) I will post about my work (day and side-project) related technologies ( which for sure includes Golang but also other languages, frameworks, and storages, etc) and PM/Business related articles. Btw… you can also follow me on my personal account. Please also visit my new service page where I write about my Full-Stack Developer and Product Owner Skills, Portfolio and Services.

I hope I see/talk to you soon somewhere on my listed places.

Your Gopher Stefan

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